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Our Mission
Meeting All Needs Of Customers

Providing Innovative Solutions

We Are Committed To Providing The Customer With A Product With The Required Quality In Due Time And At Appropriate Price

About Kassifi Art Company.

Our team at Kassifi Art has more than thirty (30) years of experience in the field of print and design, during which we have been honored to serve a huge group of ministries, government agencies, multinational companies, as well as major national companies in Egypt.

Our services include offset printing of various sizes on all types of paper, including pre-printing services such as design and montage, in addition to Computer to Plate (CTP) technology.

We also provide post-printing services such as adding a coating layer, Folding, perforating, cutting in a regular or custom format, binding, spot uv coating, coverage, etc.

We can print on unconventional materials such as non-cutting paper, treated satin, as well as PVC for membership carnets, etc. and metallic paper, which gives a luxurious luster to your prints.

Why Kassifi Art? The Unique 5 Services


Our Designers Are Professionals And Have The Ability To Translate Your Vision Into Best Solutions And Save Your Budgets. We Can Print (Cmyk) Or Pantone Up To Ten Colors On Your Demand. Our Designer Makes Sure That All Designs Meet Customer Expectations By Providing A Sample And Choosing The Best Materials To Be Used Before The Printing Process.


We Have The Best Tools Available For Your Service. We Use German Heidelberg Machines, As Well As Inks From The German Company Of Beckmann And German-made Paper Too. Since We Obtain A Quality Certificate From The Largest European Institutions Of Quality, We Provide You With More Confidence In The Efficiency Of The Operation Staff.


We Always Strive To Develop Our Team And Tools To Provide Our Customers With The Best Possible Service. We Believe That A Successful Printing Mission Is To Ensure The Development Of Our Customer's Product And Businesses.


We Provide Wide Ranges Of Solutions And Visions, And We Use The Best Materials To Achieve The Best Added Value For Your Business At The Best Cost.


Our Distinguished Location Makes It Easy To Reach Us From Anywhere. However, We Have Also Provided Multiple Means To Reach You Wherever You Are.



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