The Types Of Printing Papers

Before discussing the types of printing paper, there are some information that you must know about printing paper in general as follows:

When manufacturing the shining or dark printing paper, an insulating layer is used, which layer prevents the print from appearing on the other side of the paper and the paper saturation with ink.

There are types of papers where the insulating layer is not used, i.e. the types of paper designated for texts and documents printing.
The best types of printing paper are the whitest ones. The whiter the paper is, the better it will be in printing process and printing be will be more accurate and clearer.

There are three main weights of printing paper: 75, 90, and 150 grams. The papers weighting 75g are used for the printing of texts and documents.
The papers weighting 90g are also used for normal photo printing and double-sided printing.
The papers weighting 150g are used for the printing of symbols, graphics and pictures that contain many different colors and gradation of colors.

There is a scale for printing papers transparency, which scale ranges from 0 to 100 where 0 refers to the least transparency and it is used in the printing of posters on glass and noticeboards, and 100 indicates that the degree of transparency of printing papers is almost non-existent, and it is used in the normal printing. There are smooth and rough printing papers where the smooth papers are used in laser printers and the rough ones are used in the normal printers where water ink is used because the rough printing papers absorb more ink, which makes it more efficient.

Printing paper sizes vary and the user determines these sizes as per his desire. The most popular size is 21 x 28 and this size is used for texts and documents printing.

Types of printing paper

It is important to know the type of printing paper that suits your method of working. Choosing the appropriate type of paper will make your work, whether photos or documents, looks more beautiful and clearer. There are many types of printing paper, such as:

1- Cardboard printing paper

It is one of the most widely used types of printing paper because it is used for many purposes, such as pizza boxes and large product packages.

2. Sticker paper

This type is divided into three types: paper sticker, transparent sticker and plastic sticker, and it is usually used in advertising posters and label cards.

3. Crystal printing paper

It is valuable and expensive type of printing papers, so the light type of it is used in correspondences exchanged between company managers, while the thick type is used to print personal cards.

4.Fabriano printing paper

Fabriano paper is distinguished by its distinctive cream color, wavy appearance and rough texture which gives it a distinctive and luxurious shape suitable for the printing of luxurious personal cards.


The most popular types of printing paper

The most popular and commonly used types of printing paper are as follows:

1. Normal printing paper (also known as Wood-free paper)

It is the most popular type of printing paper. It is used in the printing of textbooks, magazines, newspapers, letters, envelopes and vouchers, and one of its most important advantages is that it is easy to write and print on it, but one of its main disadvantages is its high rate of ink saturation, which makes texts and colors different from the main source of writing. The normal printing paper weights range from 40 to 120 grams and its price varies based on the weight.

2. Couche printing paper

Couche paper is one of the most widely used types of printing paper, particularly in advertisement and catalog printing. There are two types of Couche papers: glossy Couche and matte Couche. The glossy Couche paper has a smooth texture and shining appearance. Due to its low rate of ink saturation, it is suitable for the printing of flyers, brochures, magazines, book covers, and generally any photo printing. matte Couche paper is not shining like the previous type, but it has the same specifications as Couche paper. It is preferred to use this type, especially if the printing includes many texts and if you use printing on a daily basis. The weight of Couche paper in general ranges from 40 to 350 grams. The light Couche printing paper is used for printing flyers, magazines and large catalogs, while the heavy one is used for brochures, personal cards, small catalogs, meal packages, book covers, CD covers, fast food packages and menus.

3. Duplex printing paper

Duplex paper is a paper with lower quality, and it has two different sides, one of them is smooth and the other one is rough, and there are white duplex paper and normal duplex paper. Due to its low quality, duplex paper is often used to reduce cost in item and CD packages and pizza boxes. The weight of duplex paper ranges from 115 to 350 grams

Types of strong printing paper
Herein below some examples of printing papers distinguished by their strength:

1. kraft paper

Kraft paper is used in the manufacture of pizza boxes, packages and bags, and is available in brown and white

2. Metallic papers

They do not like the recognized metallic papers, rather, they are normal papers backed by plastic, characterized by their shining appearance and high contrast of colors.

3. Tyvek paper

It is a paper made of a plastic material and it is difficult to cut. This paper is applied to any product by sewing or gluing, and it is also used for medical purposes.

The most expensive type of printing paper

Herein below some types of printing paper that are relatively expensive compared to the rest of types:

Concord printing paper

It is one of the most luxurious and expensive types of printing paper, and it is more luxurious and expensive than crystal. It may be used instead of crystal paper letters and personal cards in printing.

Bristol Couche Printing Paper

It is one of the best types of printing papers due to its strength and elegance, so it is often used in covers, especially medical report covers and product packages.

Opaline printing paper

Opaline is a type of printing paper similar to Couche paper, but it is softer, smoother, and whiter, which makes it more expensive than Couche. Thus, it is usually used in personal cards printing.

Types of printing paper in terms of size
There are many sizes of printing paper, including the following:
A4 is the most popular and widely used size measuring 210 x 297 mm, and its resolution is 300 pixels/inch.
A3 is the most widely used size after A4 measuring 297 x 420 mm, and has the same resolution as A4 paper.
The rest of sizes are A0 -2A0 -A0 -A1 -A2 -A5 -A6 -A7 -A8 -A9 -A10.4.
The largest size is A04 measuring 1682 x 2378 mm, and the smallest is A10 measuring 26 x 37 mm.
Other sizes, such as B from B0 to B10, are used for labels and charts.
The smallest size is B10, measuring 31 x 44 mm, and the largest is B0 measuring 1000 x 1414 mm.
Type C sizes from C0 to C10 are used with envelopes and stationery.
The largest size is C0 measuring 917 x 1297mm, and the smallest size is C10 measuring 28 x 40mm.
Posters usually have a size of 50 x 70 cm and a resolution of 200-300 pixels/inch, and the size of personal cards is 9 x 5.5 cm with resolution of 300 pixels/inch.
The resolution of 300 pixels / inch is the resolution of printers, while the resolution of monitors is 150 pixels / inch, the resolution of the display on the Internet is 72 pixels / inch.
So, if the work flow is large, the resolution should be reduced so that the prints became clearer.










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